Haircut Tips

A haircut is a crucial aspect of looking your best.  It can be the cherry on top that makes the difference in your appearance.  The hardest part is deciding what you want to do with your hair.  This can always be discussed with your barber to decide what is your best look.  Here are a few tips in order to make the process a little easier.

1. Choose the right barber shop – Choosing the right barber/barber shop is a pivotal step in getting the haircut you desire. At Renegade Barber shop we pride ourselves in giving a quality haircut to fit the customers desires and needs.

2. Describe your haircut – This can be more difficult than people think.  Describing what you want can be difficult especially since the terminology can be different from place to place.  Whether it is a blowout to a flattop,  the best way to insure you get exactly what you want is to have a picture.  After you get your perfect haircut, it is essential to write down what was done to insure it is not forgotten.

3. Sideburns/neck – It is crucial to know the length for your sideburns and also the shape for your neck. There are many options so be sure to discuss with your barber.

4. Style – Discuss with your barber how you want to be able to style your hair. This is a crucial step in figuring out how to cut your hair

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