Our Barber Shop History

In 1993, it was time for a change. The hair cutting industry had lost its personality. The big chains, with their big prices, had taken over. A visit to the “salon” was akin to going to the doctor’s office with their appointment books and dull waiting rooms. Something had to change. We needed something different. Someone needed to break away from the industry mold. Renegade Barber Shop did just that.

Tallahassee Barber Shops - Renegade Barber Shop - #1 In Tallahassee & Quincy

Renegade Barber Shop cut a new path in the hair cutting industry in Tallahassee, Florida. We actually put the customer first. We opened Renegade where you could get a hair cut for a fair price, with professional barbers, casual waiting with tv/games AND no appointment necessary.

We started shaving necks, using hot lather and straight razors, and we installed real barber chairs, not those girly-man chairs you see in salons. We blew the hair off our customers with air hoses located at every station, so customers didn’t have to itch all day. We were bold. We broke all the rules and took on the big guys. We’re not a salon. We are an IN YOUR FACE barber shop. We pride ourselves on providing quality hair cuts catered to every customer.

We now have 6 locations, but we never forget to keep the customer first. Every one of our locations is decorated with a theme that represents the surrounding area. Whether Coke, F.S.U. memorabilia or antiques, our shops have character, and that is what sets us part.


Garry, Tina, and Hunter Peacock

Tina grew up locally, working in her family’s clothing business. She learned early the importance of community and customer satisfaction. By attending Tallahassee Community College and Florida State University, Tina’s business roots were established. Garry and Tina were married in 1989. In 1993, they decided to step-out on faith and open the first Renegade Barber Shop using their individually unique talents. They decided that it was time to fill a need in their community by offering a personalized environment where are neighbors would feel at home, a place where you were not just getting a clip or a cut, but having an enjoyable experience. The dream flourished into ten locations.

Hunter is the son of Garry and Tina Peacock. He is a graduate of Flagler College with a degree in Business Administration. Hunter began working for Renegade in 2014. Hunter is learning the business from the ground up, with hopes of continuing the Renegade Barber Shop tradition for many years to come. Hunter enjoys the outdoors and is an avid fisherman. Any reason to go fishing is a good excuse!

Garry and his wife, Tina, founded Renegade Barber Shop in 1993. He had a passion to be different from other barber shops in Tallahassee. Renegade became successful through their hard work and determination. Garry, with help from friends and family, built and put a little piece of himself in every shop. He believed in making the customer comfortable and always making them laugh. Garry loved helping others. From customers to barbers, Garry was always there to lend a helping hand. Garry loved the outdoors and enjoyed hunting and helping his mother with yard work, although he never had a choice in that matter!

NOTE: Sadly, Garry passed away in 2014, and he will be greatly missed.

Work with us

Renegade Barber Shop is always looking for skilled and reliable barbers to work at one of our locations.

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